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Directed by: Jonathan C. Dietrich

Written by: William Shakespeare

Our Western Ontario Drama League

out of festival entrant!

All hail, Macbeth! hail to thee, Thane of Glamis!

All hail, Macbeth! hail to thee, Thane of Cawdor!

All hail, Macbeth! that shalt be king hereafter.

In the cold grasp of January, the victorious general and traitorous murderer, Macbeth, comes to our stage. Become immersed within Jonathan C. Dietrich's kabuki-inspired take on this classic tale of fate, politics & murder. From the witches foretelling of Macbeth's future to Lady Macbeth's cunning plan to crown her husband to the bitter end, this play has been surrounded with legend in the theatre. Come join us as we step into that cold grey world, standing on the stage of fate.

Screw your courage to the sticking-place and we'll not fail.

Auditions: October 1, 2, 3 2012

Performances: January 24, 25, 26; 31 and February 1, 2; 7, 8, 9 2013

Cast (Alphabetical by Surname)

Greg Allen - The Doctor

David Atos - Murderer

Melanie Card - Witch

Alisha Cormier - Murderer

Olivia Dietrich - Young Macduff

Michael Etienne - Rosse

Justin Finistauri - Murderer

Lisa Hagen - Lady Macduff

Alisa Harder - Apparitions & Young Siward

Josh Hoey - Macduff

Chris Klein - Banquo

Sandee Lovas - Witch

Kevin S. Magri - Donalbain & Seyton

Robin Melick - Witch

D. Morton - Malcolm

Chuck Peeren - Duncan

Peggy Serres - Gentlewoman

Andrea Wilson - Lady Macbeth

Erin Windibank - Fleance

Kevin White - Macbeth

Paul Woodard - Sergeant

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